Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 weeks after Active Treatment

It's been just over a month since I finished Radiotherapy now gang, and it feels a bit odd, as I've not had a big magical sparkly moment where I'm declared "cancer free" where everyone bursts into song with the backing track that's euphoric and uplifting like when they get all yes' on X factor or Britains Got Talent!

So in essence I've just been doing what I do best and plodding on in the meantime. There is no end of treatment scan, but I did see my oncologist this week and the surgeon for review the week after. They will be checking and making sure Cilla (my silicon implant) is still happy after Radiotherapy and that any reaction is as they expect etc. I am waiting for a referral to the Lympadema nurse as there seems to be a bit of swelling and without lymph nodes under my arm my body can't deal with draining excess fluid as it should. Something I will always have to be cautious of now. 

So what's been occurring in the last 5 weeks where I've been appointment free..?

In September I pledged to run at least a mile a day each day, partly for a personal challenge not based on times and speed, but at the moment my Mojo is still a little awol, probably because every run is still making me a completely sweaty mess and feels hard. I am looking forward to the time when a 10k is my standard twice a week run and I don't feel like it's been a complete effort! Just a couple of days to go in this challenge.. Followed swiftly by the Willow 10k at Hatfield house where I'll be joined by lots of friends including some who hadn't classed themselves as a runner but have raisen to the challenge for me! Well done Heather! Adam is also doing the 5k and the boys are taking part in the 1k race so we're all supporting.

The link to the purple parkrun team is Here if anyone still wants to sponsor us, and thanks to all of you who already have! 

We raised £228 on purple parkrun day and I admit I got overwhelmed seeing that many people supporting Willow for me! 

Our Special day and promotion of  Willow has also been in the local paper.. Let's hope it inspires a few more people to run for this fab charity. 

I've also taken back control of a parkrun and stepped back up for a go at run directing as well as clocking up a sub 30 minute 5km.. It'll be a while before I will ring the PB bell, but I'll get there eventually! 

The boys and I took a train adventure to Stafford at the end of the school holidays for a belated birthday trip to Cadbury world with Nana and Pops. It was a great day out, but I confess I may have stolen some of the boys chocolate that is still in the fridge calling my name every time I go in there!

The boys are settling in well to their new school which is huge relief! We've rejigged after school activities and have now found our new routine, and we're all looking forward to our holiday in half term. 

The last few weeks have confirmed yet again how nasty cancer is and it's having an impact on several friends and their families at the moment with some tough times in the coming months.. I promise to work my socks off to run a half marathon before the end of the year to stick two fingers up to this year for us all! 

To show how much the hair is growing (and I had a little trim in August!) Here's a little collage!

My nails are also now looking more healthy (and less like something from one of Adam's zombie programs!), so I have booked an appointment to get them looking pretty for our Holiday. 

So with a birthday at the weekend, our big race, parents evening and a holiday on the horizon as usual there is a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks so time to get organised! 

Bye for now

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