Friday, 18 December 2015

And so it begins

Wow, what a Christmas, one we'll never forget!

I'm Lisa, I'm 36 and love running.. my big plan for 2016 was to run Brighton Marathon (my first), I had a target time in my head and my pre training had been going well..

I'm married to Adam who was with me when we were told, and we have two wonderful boys who are nearly 9 and 4.5.

However the last two weeks life has suddenly got crazy... On the 11th December I went to the GP, I had found a lump in my boob.. about the size of a plum stone I guess. Since then I've been referred to my local hospital and was seen on Tuesday 15th December. Being all big and brave I was going to go to the hospital alone.. I'm soo glad I didn't! Despite a lump I never expected them to say I actually had Cancer! I mean I'm young, and fitter and healthier than I've ever been! 

I've only been running 2.5 years, back in May 2013 I huffed and puffed my way round a field begging for 2 minutes running time to be over, since then I've run 11 half marathons, and last week got a PB of 1:48:09.. once treatment starts I don't think I'll be seeing that time again in a hurry! So anyway, for now my marathon dream is on hold until I'm over this. 

So the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of appointments. 

11th December  2015 GP appointment - hospital referral
15th December 2015 Mammogram, consultant and Biopsy at hospital initial diagnosis
17th December 2015 Chest X-ray & Blood test
18th December 2015 Consultant for diagnosis confirmation

19th December 2015 telling my 2 beautiful boys

21st December 2015 Oncologist appt to discuss treatment.. 
23rd December 2015 Pre surgery health screen for lymph biopsy
24th December 2015 Lymph Biopsy Surgery & ECG
25th December 2015 Hospital at home visit 
27th December 2015 CT scan

30th December 2015 Bone scan
1st January 2016 Hospital at Home visit - leaking wound redressed.

So on Friday 18th December (1 week on from my GP visit) it was all confirmed and I saw my oncologist for the first time on Monday. Initially I was told I would need to have surgery quite quickly but seeing the results from my biopsy show that my lump would most likely respond well to Chemo and surgery later would be the best way forward for me.

I've now had all the preliminary tests (I think) and will get my results tomorrow from lymph biopsy and am hoping to get my start date for Chemo.. 

I'm keeping busy, every corner of the house is getting over turned and sorted!

I have so much going on in my head just now I wanted to document my journey One step at a time.. just like any long run I would do.