Saturday, 16 July 2016

Stage 2 - done.. Onwards

Ok, so almost 6 weeks post surgery I still have to be aware of the danger zone but healing has gone well. 

The danger zone is so important as a fiercely independent person who doesn't like asking for help.. But I don't want to undo all that being good has done so I must be good.. For me things in the danger zone are lifting heavy things, emptying the kitchen bin (it's always heavier than I think!) and pushing a heavy shopping trolley. 

However since my drains have come out 4 weeks ago I've managed to get to Pilates twice a week, and started to get back to the gym. And last week after a new sports bra investment I had my 1st little run back. Not far, or fast but I did it! And it's the aim to keep doing it again now.. Although I have no idea how my skin will be once radiotherapy begins, so I do still have to play it by ear a little and not get too frustrated if I have to pause while that part of my treatment is done. 

My hair continues to grow, (even the bits I was enjoying not having 😂). 

So on to Radiotherapy - I need to have 3 weeks worth, at Mount Vernon every day Monday-Friday.. At the moment I still, don't have a start date for it but should find that out tomorrow when I have my planning appointment where they do the CT imaging to 'design' my treatment. From what I understand the planning involves a CT scan and some tiny tattoos and a template being created of where they are going to zap me... Then when I arrive for my daily zapping I guess I get my kit off, get in position, they plug in my details and the computer knows all the settings for each zapping! 

In the meantime though I've been busy catching up with people and generally enjoying all the social stuff.. Take That were amazing!

A birthday treat for Jo with my mum yesterday which has been great, into London to see the musical Beautiful. So many awesome tunes and a lovely grown up day out. 
I also got into London for grown up catch up time with my Hayley.. I think the first time in 9 years we've  got together without the kids.. So super precious time that wasn't full of interruptions of "Can I have a Drink?" "I need a wee!" "I'm hungry" etc we had a lovely meal and a perfect summer evening. We love all 5 of the kids dearly but it really was a special evening and knowing we had seen all 5 kids together 5 weeks earlier helped us feel guilt free about being together without them. 

We've also had several impromptu summer gatherings starting with someone saying 'We're at the pub with the kids..' Just relaxed and what the summer is made for! 

The fun continues over the next few weeks as we've got leavers assembly on Friday pm at school.. emotions will be high for that one I'm sure as it really sums up with a bonkers school year it has been for my family.. And I never imagined my boys would be leaving the school this year.. But a fresh start for September is exciting.

Friday pm - after school picnic followed by DRR friendship mile.. A bit of running, then post run chat and cake with the family all for charity!

Saturday Anniversary games at the Olympic Park. 

Then the following Saturday is our family Willow Special day at the Lion King.. Our tickets are being sent out tomorrow. Followed by birthday celebrations on the Sunday with lots of my most special people! 

And on the subject of Willow.. I have just booked the Willow 10k for the 2nd October if anyone wants to join me it would be great to get a few people running either 5k or 10k for a great charity. You can find more info

In the meantime, bring on the summer holidays.. We're ready now!