Thursday, 14 January 2016

First Hurdle - FEC Chemo 1

So on Monday 11th January I had my first dose of FEC Chemo, along with my PICC line being put in and scar had to be checked for healing from my lymph biopsy on Christmas Eve, it needed to be drained again on 4th Jan and re stitched so the go ahead for Chemo was all riding on that healing ok. 

But when my fab friend and I arrived on Monday morning we were told blood levels were not right so new blood test would have to be done and results discussed with Dr Ah-See before I could start as well.. This made for a very long day of waiting around.. We had arrived at hospital got 8:45 and finally got the go ahead at 1:30, there was then another hours wait for a 'hot seat' to become available. 

So at 2:30 I was finally in the chair.. Getting the paxman cold cap on.. And boy did it get cold and uncomfy quick! I was certainly not smiling like that when I took the cap off!

 The chin strap was very restrictive and despite a cocktail of anti sickness meds I was quickly throwing up 😔 which continued despite more IV anti sickness meds, and also continued through the night to 7am Tuesday am. I'd get no more than 20 minutes sleep before waking and being sick again... Then suddenly it was like someone turned off the tap, I was able to keep my morning anti sickness cocktail down and I had turned the corner. 

Tuesday was then a sleep fest! Although I did walk to collect the children from school with my hubby, and it felt good to get a little air..

Wednesday I was able to do most things as normal but I did have an early night, and my day was brightened by a delivery of pudding and sweet treats from a friend and flowers from my running club. 

The rest of week one of Chemo passed by relatively painlessly aside from the heartburn from hell, only ever previously experienced when I was pregnant with my boys!

So before Chemo I decided to get a haircut in order to be less of a shock if/when I do loose my hair, and I absolutely love my new hair cut.. After always having long hair it feels very liberating to have short hair.