Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Round 4.. Back to the unknown!

I think one of the toughest things about round 4 has been that with the new 'cocktail' of Drugs it's like starting over again with knowing what to expect. I had found a little pattern in the 1st set of Chemos, and although I can't say I liked it, at least I knew what was coming and when.. I have been expecting to be hit like a train and this week that seems to have been more the case, possibly because I've had sniffles, and sore throat on top of aches and pains and nothing tastings as I expect it to!

So anyway, I'm now nearly at the end of my middle week in the cycle so expecting to have turned the corner a bit now and keep improving until my next cycle of Chemo on 4th April. 

This week I have got better at accepting help.. (A real battle for me, Mrs independent😘) and have been grateful for my mum and mother in law tackling ironing, and jobs around the house for me. 

Once again I've had amazing support during this cycle and I've manage to keep busy, meals made for us, taken out for treats... (Mmmm I timed my trip to the Waffle House just right before my taste buds went on strike 😘), I've fed people lots of cake! Celebrated birthdays, including Sparky's fab surprise do.. 

 Jake's birthday (more celebrations for that over Easter Holidays) 

been to the Olympic swim centre for sport relief,
 ran the sport relief mile with Luke (4) and the 2 bigger Langford boys did 3 miles. 
Jake had everyone singing happy birthday to him at the track which made me laugh.. I'm not sure where he gets this shy, retiring streak from 😂

It's s good gob I don't need to check my hair in 'The Mirror of Motivation' where I've been putting my cards and notes since my treatment began as I'm running low on space! 💗

So it's been 100 days since I was told I had breast cancer, and although I've been poked and prodded, scanned and examined in that time, my eye brows and eye lashes have thinned, hair has gone, hot flushes have started, and everyday my frustration grows at not being able to do the things I want to do, and at the pace I want to do them😘 I'll happily admit I'm not a very patient person, and knowing how long it will be before I can do what I want again is playing on my mind at the moment. All being well I will finish Chemo in 1 months time, (2 treatments), however I still have surgery and Radioteraphy ahead. But I will get back to it, I just have to keep finding other ways to keep myself busy in the meantime. 

So for now we are heading up to visit family for the Easter weekend, being looked after and enjoying the break. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hmm wine o'clock!

What a day! 

Said goodbye to hubby at 7am for his few days in Nottingham, took the boys to school and popped into town, got caught off guard as my eyes had been watery, in the car Robbie Williams 'She's the one' came on the radio.. And that made my eyes water that little bit more and a lump come in my throat just thinking about my boys and all the 'What if' scenarios... Something I rarely think about to be honest.. 

So anyway in town I met a new friend who has just been declared 'Cancer free' days after her 40th birthday which is fantastic news and really brightened my day. Great to meet another young woman just ahead of me in treatment and now coming out the other side still smiling and joking in the same kind of way I've been handling this!

So anyway this afternoon brought an appointment with my oncologist which showed significant change in size of my lump now, which is fantastic news. Before the end of my next cycle I will be having a staple put into the lump so that it can still be tracked as the lump continues to shrink. 

I do need to get my eyes tested, but that is long overdue anyway! At times I've been noticing my vision is more blurry than normal so just to double check everything I will book in with an optican. 

Just as I was about to put the boys to bed I got a phone call from the Genetics Dr who confirmed I do not have the faulty BRCA 1 or 2 gene so there does not seem to be a genetic reason got my cancer! 
Again more good news especially coupled with the shrinkage in the lump.. Hopefully will mean better surgery and recovery options. 

I know the next cycle on Monday is back to the drawing board in so many ways, Although this receipe of drugs is different and should be quicker to go deliver. I know it's a train due to hit me very soon and really wipe me out.. If I can plan for that then I can only be pleasantly surprised if it's not as bad as I'm bracing myself for😘 but after positive news today I am feeling ready to drink some wine with my friends and face the next part of my treatment and kick it's backside!!!