Sunday, 11 December 2016

We were ready to say goodbye to the year from hell.. and then...

It's amazing how quickly the last few months have passed. and what an incredible few months they have been. We have enjoyed getting back to normal, the boys have settled really well into their new school. They have gone from strength to strength, Jake has recently worked hard with his running and clocked up 2 PB's, currently stands at 24:18 for Luton parkrun.

In September we found ourselves settling into a new routine moving swimming and piano lessons to fit everything into our week. and during September and October until we went on our holiday I clocked up a 50 day run streak. It was liberating to get out running everyday even if just for a mile, but when we went away I had had a cough for a few weeks so decided to take a break and just enjoy our holiday.

We all took part in the Willow race on the 2nd October. Jake and Luke did the 1k race,
Adam did the 5k and I was escorted around the 10k with Pete and Sam to tell me off for going off to fast, pacing myself went completely out the window, I was pleased to have finished the race but for 20 pesky seconds... if only I hadn't taken quite so many walk breaks to get my breath back! I completed in 1hour and 19 Seconds.

As a team the amazing purple parkrunners raised over £1500 for Willow, so thank you all for donating to such a fabulous charity.

I also completed a tough 5 mile race in the pouring rain before we went away, and was chuffed with my time of under 50 minutes. Adam was on photography duty to capture everyone's pleasure and pain!

We went to Majorca for 10 days in half term, enjoyed all that all inclusive had to offer, the weather could have been a touch warmer but it was amazing and just what we needed to really relax and put our feet up. The boys enjoyed lots of swimming; Jake learnt to dive, Luke set himself a daily challenge to see how many trips to the ice cream machine he could manage by lunchtime!
November has passed in a blur, so much so, other than fire works night and catching up with some family I really don't know what there is to report from November.

And so here we are in December!!! How did that happen already?

It's already shaped up to be a busy month, with speaking at the Willow foundation Carol Concert on Tuesday night, a late night leaving the boys very tired! But such a beautiful evening tinged with emotion, from the last year and for what is to come
Willow Carol Concert 

I've made a donation to Willow instead of spending hours writing Christmas cards this year... all our friends near and far are in our thoughts at this time of year as always.

This weekend has been busy as ever, volunteering at Gadebridge Parkrun, catching up with friends and today as a family we completed the Keech Santa run at Wardown Park. A nice stroll round just under 5k with Luke while Jake zoomed off into the distance!

However the final part of this update sees the year finishing off as it started.. Cancer really is the gift that keeps giving. Just as we had found our new normal Adam and I discovered on the 2nd December that I will need to restart treatment before Christmas.

The last week has been lots of tests and appointments to establish the whole story again and what happens when. Last year they were able to give me a clearly defined treatment plan where as this time it's a bit different and we're still waiting on results.

The bat signal has already been used and we are already feeling the love and support from those we have already shared the news with. Challenges ahead again..